Recently Funded Transactions

Recently Funded

Here are five highlighted transactions Pelagic has funded so far this Quarter.  We hope these give you a better understanding of how Pelagic helps franchised truck dealers and their finance managers meet their sales goals.

1. Construction Industry
Georgia – A startup construction company financed a $65K 2011 International Workstar 7500 purchased from Southland International. The term is 60 months using an EFA.
2. Landscaping Industry
New Jersey – A landscaping company financed a $100K 2018 Vermeer skid steer purchased from Vermeer Northeast . The term is 60 months using an EFA.
3. Transportation Industry
South Carolina – A seasoned transportation company financed a $58K 2019 Reitnouer Big Bubba trailer purchased from Country Supply Inc. The term is 60 months using an EFA.
4. Towing Industry
Louisiana – A subprime towing company financed a $50K 2013 International Durastar 4300 rollback tow truck purchased from Axe Trailers . The term is 48 months using a Loan.
5. Over the Road Trucking Industry
Texas – A first time buyer owner operator financed a $64K 2014 Kenworth T660 purchased from MHC. The term is 60 months using an EFA.

Want to know more? Click here if you would like information regarding these transactions.

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